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 Cameroon election: Five things to know about the presidential poll The country will vote for its next president amid a civil conflict in its English-speaking regions. 2018-10-03 20:47:27 BBC News World
 Čeští stolní tenisté zdolali Kypr a přiblížili se postupu na ME Čeští stolní tenisté zaznamenali třetí hladké vítězství na cestě za postupem na mistrovství Evropy družstev. Svěřenci Josefa Plachého ve středu jednoznačně smetli Kypr 3:0 a zajistili si účast ve druhé kvalifikační fázi.  2018-10-03 20:44:00 Sport
 Congress, eying China, votes to overhaul development finance The U.S. Senate on Wednesday passed legislation overhauling the way the federal government lends money for foreign development, a measure developed largely in response to China's growing influence. 2018-10-03 20:42:23 Reuters Politics
 U.S. 'presidential test alert' sets American phones to buzzing The Federal Emergency Management Agency sent an alert on Wednesday aimed at tens of millions of mobile phones to test a previously unused presidential alert system to warn the public in the event of a national emergency. 2018-10-03 20:40:51 Reuters US News
 Ellison and Coutts launch league for 'supercharged' cats Former America's Cup winners Larry Ellison and Russell Coutts launched a new league on Wednesday, with six national teams sailing in a series ending in a two-boat $1 million finale. 2018-10-03 20:39:19 Reuters Sports
 Soccer star Ronaldo denies rape allegations Global soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo says he firmly denies sexual assault accusations, after a Nevada woman sued him for alleged rape at a Las Vegas hotel in 2009. 2018-10-03 20:38:36 Reuters Top News Video
 Mexican leader, Trump agree economic development can stem illegal migration Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he and U.S. President Donald Trump spoke by telephone on Wednesday about boosting economic development in Mexico and Central America in order to stem illegal migration. 2018-10-03 20:37:08 Reuters International
 No. 2 Senate Republican: FBI report could come Wednesday The No. 2 Senate Republican, John Cornyn, said the FBI's report on sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh could come as soon as Wednesday. 2018-10-03 20:33:51 Reuters Politics
 Reality Check: What are the plans to boost council homes? The prime minister says borrowing caps will be scrapped. 2018-10-03 20:32:39 BBC News News Front Page
 Houston officials nix brothel featuring sex dolls (Note: Story may contain material objectionable to some readers) 2018-10-03 20:31:16 Reuters US News
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